Loving Someone You Can’t Have

by parkisum

You invest your time and energy 

You travel, Go out, Make out 

Go places you never been to 

Trying to make that person happy 

Trying to get that first attempt 

Or many attempts 

To give that person you whole life 

In a generation 

That don’t believe in love 

That don’t care about love 

Or what it represents 

Just sex and shelter 

But none the less 

You do your best 

To change what others didn’t do 

But just like you 

Some things can’t become true 

We force our imaginations 

To become realistic 

But realistically 

We fail to realize 

That this isn’t real 

All you was doing 

Was living out A fantasy 

Based on the belief of love 

A sad and painful illusion 

You allow yourself to be trick by 

All for what? Happiness? 

Motivation? Great sex? 

Are you jealous? 

Are you mad that the one you 

Always wanted doesn’t want you? 

Some things can’t be answer 

Even when asking a question 

Maybe you shouldn’t ask 

Maybe you should stop and think 

And think again 

And then think once more 

Is all this worth the anger 

Or depression you made recieve 

Off not able to be together? 

Maybe your just scared 

Or mostly just selfish 

And blind to give up everything 

Because that one person 

You’re die for doesn’t want you 

And instead of moving on 

And allowing yourself to heal 

And look for someone better 

You now entrap yourself 

Into a new level of danger 

Without yourself to find love 

Ignoring anyone that loves you 

Then fall into sudden imprisonment

Over love..

If anyone does fall in love 
Just make sure before anything..

Love yourself first 

Always be prepared for everything 

Don’t feel like your not good enough 

A great person you meet 

Don’t mean a happy ending 


The one who doesn’t wanna be loved

Sorry in advance.. 

Personal in every sense.. I hurt a lot because I was hurt.. Should have just let it go but that never works out.. A lot of growing up to do and also knowing when it’s OK to let your guard down for that special person.. To my special person I’m sorry you had to deal with my crap.