Why Pray?

by parkisum


But for what? 

Why pray? 

What am I praying for ?

Who am I praying for? 

Pray to God?

Pray to allah?

Pray to satan? 

Pray to pray? 

What’s the logic in praying? 

When things are the same 

Ok fine. Lemme pray 

I’ll drop my knees down 

And bow my head 

And put my hands together 

And speak to whatever is over me 

In reality it’s just the ceiling 

But all jokes aside 

I’ll pray to what’s on my mind 

And what’s been on my mind 

Has been life 

And the destruction of it 

To whomever hearing this 

I pray that not one day 

And not sooner or later 

But right now 

Right now we see peace on earth 

Right now we stop the madness 

Right now we stop racism 

Right now we stop corruption 

Right now we stop hate 

Right now we stop the killings 

Why am I still praying? 

We were all created somewhere 

I’m praying to the creator of one 

And whoever did create me 

I hope you know that 

This praying isn’t working out 

Maybe it’s time you fix this mess 

A trillion prayers and counting.. 

Author Note : Just another random thought in my head. Venting while I was on that Staten Island ferry heading home. Makes you wonder what’s the whole point in praying for something to happen.. Sometimes it’s better to just do it. Others won’t agree with this poem but I know a few will. Enjoy


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