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Month: July, 2016

Let Them Feelings Go / Now And Quick.Ā 

Tears, Frustration and pain

The same pain that force change

But that’s because you had to 

Not because you want to.

The tears rolling down your eyes

Describe your anger, the sadness

The miserable life your in

Over this person 

Who don’t care about you

Never care about you 

And never will care about you 

Do you care about you? 

Yourself? , your well-being? 

You keep going back and forth 

In a never ending cycle 

Over this one person 

Who not only broke you down

But this one person 

Made you 

Violated you 

Strip you 

Now your a brainless soul 

Not able to trust a soul 

Love a soul 

Or connect to another soul 

All because you allow yourself 

And your feelings

To blind you from the truth 

This person will never change 

That person don’t wanna change 

Change don’t translate to change 

The only change that will happen 

Is the change inside you 

Let’s face it 

Your scared to face it 

Scared to realize that in reality 

Your dreams 

Your visions 

Your hope 

Your happiness 

All in this one person 

Who don’t care about you 

Never care about you 

And never will care about you 

But do you care about you? 

Do you care about you now? 

Or are you still blind to see reality 

Let them feelings go now 

Let them feelings go quick 

Your dreams 

Your visions 

Your hope 

Your happiness 

Can still happen 

Either by yourself 

Or with someone else 

Who will cherish you 

Who will fight for you 

Who will honor you 

Who will marry you 

Who will die for you

So my question is to you. 

When are you gonna walk away 

And let them feelings go? 

Author Notes : I’m not the only person who been in this type of situation. I can’t speak for the many ladies and guys who felt trap within themselves to find any ways to make something work when all signs point to failure. I’ve play both roles (the victim and villain) there is times I should have shown more respect and just been honest with my other half and not lie and or hurt. I hope whoever reads this are able to think for a moment and then decide is this really the type of happiness you want or is it time to let go them feelings and move on. 

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Don’t enter my path..

The pain and hate 

you have will hurt you 

more than it hurts me.. 

Don’t think for one second 

that your walking out 

that same dark place 

as I walk into.. 

You can walk past me 

like you don’t know my struggles.. 

But you will NEVER experience 

the destruction that I cause 

or was inflicted by. 

You feel trap?

 Imagine being lock in a cage 

and isolated by no windows. 

 just silence.. 

Only noise you hear 

is you beating demons 

until you become one.. 

My advice is to Stay in your lane 

and enjoy it..

before I’ll show you 

a slice of hell..

Author Note: I was just venting along. Most of poetry from back then and now has been me over thinking and saying whatever that was on my mind. When I wrote this.. Took me back to all the things I was apart of and all the chaos and madness I done or help take apart in. 

Jayburn Par-Kisum







Respect The Black But Hate The Blacks


More than just a color. 

Less than just a race. 


What I love about black is that

It never gets ugly

So rich in darkness 

It never gets dirty

So powerful a color 

Than even black itself  

Can’t tell it own color 

Almost the comparison 

Of black folks as a race

Not knowing there own color 

Don’t matter what kind of black

No no no, don’t tell me

Better yet, Don’t explain to me

Team brown skin

Team dark skin

Team caramel 

Team light skin 

We are team black

But I guess your never see blacks

Saying that 

Hiding the facts 

While dissing a black 

Black man 

Black woman

Black girl 

Black boy 

Black baby

We forever break a apart 

Like black logo toys 

Being told that This is our culture 

And What culture is that?

When we’re destroying our future 

Because were too ingrorant 

To follow the scripture 

Instead we allow other people

To rewrite the scripture 

So it favors them more than us

We enslaved ourselves to this thus

Allowing others from around earth 

To treat us like dogs 

Just like they treat black dogs. 

Better yet black dogs or black cats

Or anything black that appeal 

To other race would give them more

Respect than blacks. 

Within the last 26 years 

I witness hate against blacks

White against blacks 

Asians against blacks 

Spanish against blacks 

Every known race hate blacks 

Even blacks hate blacks 

Blacks woman hate a black man 

Until he find love with another race

Then black woman becomes

A biter blacks woman

Then the black men 

don’t trust  a black woman

Nor have respect for her

All he wants is a quick nut 

Skeet skeet all over her butt 

Then dump her 

Call her a common slut 

A thot, a ho, a dirty mutt 

If this wasn’t poetry i would say 

The b word because 

That’s  what the black men 

Thinks of a black woman

I guess it’s the anger he got

Toward his black mom

Who probably was beaten everyday

By his black dad

Better yet his deadbeat dad

Who shown no love to his son

And no love to his daughter 

Not able to find there father 

The kids starts crying to mommy 

saying Mommy, i want daddy

I want daddy, I want daddy

I want daddy, I want daddy…. 


I keep looking at my surroundings 

And all I see is black.

Black boots 

Black ski mask

Black guns 

Black hoodies 

All black everything 

Being worn by non blacks

They respect the blackness 

And some maybe respect 

The black culture 

But they hate the blacks 

As a person and a race 

Label us African Americans 

When in fact I’m not. 

And we’re not! 

Screw the African American community 

This is a black community 

We we’re born 

And we still remain 

Kings and queens 

Not anything less than that 

Read about your past 

Even if the schools hates our past ..


AUTHOR NOTE : I had no idea about what I was saying when I wrote this piece. Just kept going with the word black and the rest is history. As black people, we’re not receive well unless your a superstar and even after that they get bash from the social sites to the the media.. Just hope that to all my beautiful black people in the world.. Continue to fight and not against each other. Let’s fight the system that was meant to buried us, put us against each other and destroyed us as a community. Thank you for reading. 

Jayburn Par-Kisum


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