by parkisum

Cause and effect and the aftermath to follow..

The roof dude lookin like home alone travel 250 miles to kill 9 blacks folks in a church. Then got arrested..

In all honesty you could have shot 9 blacks folks where you was at but decided to come all this way to South Carolina to do this?? And a state senator was also killed????? Yeah this roof kid was sent to do the job. It why cops didn’t shoot back. It why his bail is a million instead of no bail or some 25 million like they did to suge knight. 

Then the confederate flag came into play. Honestly that shit was supposed to have been remove but the U.S. Waited until someone they sent to shoot 9 black folks made this an issue. Cause and effect of that result is now black churches are being burnt! Sooner or later black owners are forced to buy a gun (the NRA would greatly like that) to protect there place until shit goes down.. 

While all this is being swept under the rug we are too focus on the passing on the gay rights when that bill was pass weeks of not months ago.. Everything is falling into place for a reason. And none of it is in anyone favor. All race included. 

But I’m just saying…. Look back at the beginning from when shit all started and connect the dot. Even that prison break in upstate New York was a distraction to keep you focus on some kool shit like a prison break! Illegal but fuckin kool! As long your mentions flood the Twitter world I guess. 

I can keep saying that to not be a fool to this crap but it like telling a bad ass kid to stop talking about someone’s mom. Eventually you’re see the bigger picture at large. 

Thanks for reading this. 

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