by parkisum

Within these last two weeks, the case of Mike Brown and Eric garner has been horrified. Both ended with no trial to the cops responsible of killing them. From Ferguson,  Missouri to Staten Island,New York there been nothing but hell ON earth and it most likely won’t stop. But the Moral of these last two weeks has been this..

1. Videotape doesn’t mean shit to the law.

2. Illegal Chokeholds are allow. Choke at no risk.

3. If your hands are up, your most likely to still get shot.

4. The media have successfully pin black folks against white cops.

5. If your black, latino, a minority or disable white (the real white folks that respect all race but the copycats whites folks don’t like that) then the court system wants you like uncle sam want every teens to join the military.

6. Its clear we don’t have no real black leaders that can strongly help build the civil rights movement that we had when martin luther king jr. Or malcom x was in charge.. the system kill them and anyone who they thought was a threat was get the same fate. That why no one will continue the pressure to speak up and stand up..

7. Every court systems in what we call america needs to be rewritten. This time with laws that will protect the people. We pay taxes as well, we talk and walk just fine. I don’t see why the laws that were supposed to defend  all races ain’t support anyone..

8. If you was hoping for trust between cops and people within the black (and latino) community then that’s all but over.. nobody trust the cops and the cops don’t trust the people that they’re supposed to protect. Too much pride as well between both of them to come on peace. It’s almost as if you need some type of peace treaty to bring this together and end the distrust.

9. Politician’s  once again got involved in shit that got nothing to do with them but in fact it got everything to do with them when it come to creating bills design for victims of police brutality. How many more folks (including the youth) has to die before laws are change.

10. Cops need to be reevaluated on how to handle people of races and ethnic in the communities especially when it comes to going to areas where the chances are high that your most likely gonna catch a case.

11. What a camera gonna do?? In Eric garner death. A camera was use to record him and nothing happen.  His killer is still free. So is see no point of cops having a camera, it just more taxpayers money giving them cameras when they won’t use it, just like there stun guns. Why have it on you if your not gonna use it.

12. Why not the legs. I hear so many times that cops shoot in the head or chest but why not the legs or feet. I highly doubt they will shoot back once you shoot em on the kneecap (I know my ass wouldn’t, I’ll be crying. . Fuck shooting back) .

13. The justice system has time and time again spend days after days on bullshitting the world and victim love one’s.  Not I understand that no process comes quick but after weeks and months then you have a problem.  What was it? Like 100 days before the courts in Missouri figure that the cop won’t be trial. Or like over weeks for Eric garner when there was real evidence of what happen. Like even a little baby can tell you right and wrong. .

14. I’m in favor of rioting, protesting and even boycotting. But looting.  No!! If your angry then hit a cop! Don’t take it out on other people that got nothing to do with this or businesses. 

15. I strongly believe that everybody especially if your black! Need to read a book. A book about the laws of the land. That way your know how to go about certain shit that you will encounter in your lifetime.  We are now a target (not like we wasn’t before)  that means cops will find ways to pass you off just to get an reaction so they can say self-defense and arrest you (or much worst) we need to quit that stupid ass pride we got toward cops and remember we only got one life to live. Be smart and educated yourself. Educated your mind. Don’t give cops a reason to arrest you, if you got no warrants then show your ID card, your name and keep it moving. It not hard. Quit acting up. Just in case you feel like some shit might go down. record the Whole shit (voice record, maybe video as well) stay cool, calm and your worst be a statistic of black folks and many others in jail.

16. Mike Brown’s family and Eric garner’s family deserves some answers on why they allow there killers to walk away free. Someone in the court house should have enough guts to tell them face to face why no justice was serve.

Rest In Heaven to Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri and Eric” Big E” Garner from Staten Island, New York and others who has died before them from cops (and sadly the ones who will die after them)

Sincerely, with hopes of a better future.
Jayburn Par-Kisum