by parkisum



It’s after Halloween…. So  I’m gonna vent my issue about this…  I believe Halloween is meant for kids… NOT GROWN FOLKS..

I seen way too many grow folks take Halloween too far… IT’S NOT A HOLIDAY!  This goes to the you all hood niggas who either dress up in kids costume to hurt people or dress up as cops… (I thought you hate cops tho… Smh) and you chicks and them ratchet ass slutty attires.. Save them slutty clothes for in your bed. Not outside while little kids looking confuse as hell questioning why does Dora looks like a drag queen. And if you some broke ass , low down, sorry ass motherfuckers then why the fuck you wearing a costume? Go wear a suit and look for a job or an opportunity. Shit is so bad I seen a real crackhead dress up as a crackhead. Get the fuck outta here!! 

If your a parent of a child then this isn’t a knock on you.. As long as you keep it family based. Don’t go out with your kids thinking that just because you got a costume doesn’t mean that you can wear any costume.. You don’t need your son or daughter looking at you wearing a half naked suit or purge like suit or even the devil (yes, I said devil… Sorry devil) like I said keep it family based.

I seen many costumes that shouldn’t be worn.. Dressing up like Beyonce and jay-z is a no no… Y’all be looking like deyonce and HIV (hov) starring in “off the run”  because wearing pantyhose over your head is stupid!. Another costume that should be discontinue is every reality TV star.. ESPECIALLY Stevie j and joslie.. Noooooooo! Stop!

Also included are almost every half naked (if not completely naked) costume (bare skin) save all that for inside your house or crib or trap house, whatever.. Don’t nobody need to be looking at any disturbing or disgusting shit from you. That goes for all gender, race, height, size, all the above.

You taking the fun away from the kids.. Let them enjoy this day. It was design just for them (even tho we go easter and Christmas)

P.S. no pun intended to any religion that got a issue with Halloween but religion should play no roles into this.. I wanna say I understand but I don’t.. It’s about lasting memories for a child. Keep that religion crap away and let kids enjoy for a few hours with there basket of candy.. All you should do a make sure they don’t eat it all.

Hope every kid from my kids to your kids had a great Halloween.