by parkisum

Honestly. .. you should be more terrified of that crazy dude with that ax yesterday than ebola..

Not like we wasn’t given a heads up. From the moment the outbreak in Africa was bad to a point to they shut down plane trips (most countries overseas did.. doubt America has) it was bound to happen. Since it did…. WOW.

Folks please quit your scared tactics like your gonna do something about this shit or pretend that your gonna leave..YOU AIN’T GOING NO WHERE! !

People assume they gonna died. Smh. . There’s  level into ebola. You got a better chance of dying from reading a stupid post about ebola then catching it. You got a higher chance of dying from a flu (any flu) than ebola. In all honesty you probably got a higher chance of dying from masturbation than ebola so quit jerking around.

It’s kinda funny that with all the talks about this. Where was this was aids broke out or the swine flu. Just saying.