by parkisum

Florida court systems again got it wrong… Once again the system fail us……. Just pathetic on how the system in Florida yet again fail to convict a person who cleary kill a child..  Shit makes no sense once so ever.. Makes you think what worst that can happen to us. Not just for African-americans but as a whole….

Florida fail for the third time..

1.. Denying al gore a chance at being president of the united states of America when he
cleary won that until y’all pull the recount Bullshit into play and at the time geb bush (George bush brother) was the governor of Florida.. You already know the rest..

2. Letting casey Anthony go free when it was clear she
killed her daughter.. There’s evident stack against her but yet she’s free and a innocent child dead because her mother kill her and is allow to walk free from it all..

3. letting Geogre zimmerman go when it was clear he kill trayvon. He shouldn’t be carrying a gun nor he had the rights to follow anybody. If he felt threaten then call the cops. Not take the law in your own hands be trying to be a cop.  That’s not your job..

Overall i don’t get the system anymore… How does former Giants player Plaxico Burress serve 2 years for shooting himself and George Zimmerman KILLS a 17 year old for no reason and
walk away? SMH! People has went to jail much less and people like zimmerman took a life away and he walks away like nothing happen. COME ON!!

I just wanna know something out of all of this.. It goes back to guns!!. Can we now talk about gun controls again… Time for stricter guidelines… Not just state to state but in general… Too many people of all race is getting body.. The system can care less tho.. Smfh pure fuckery in florida and in chicago and elsewhere… And you wonder why there gonna be an epic riot… I believe there will be a riot. Not the same like rodney king but there will be one.. Not just for trayvon but for alot of people who was disrespected by the same governmental system that was design to protect and put the bad people in jail. Not let them free!!.

That’s how i feel… It’s a cold day in hell today… Goodnight