by parkisum

Hello hello.. Right now I’m just sitting down. Looking at the sky and saying.. FINALLY!!! APRIL IS OVER!! What a bullshit ass month.

Felt like a fuckin slave trap in a maze..  Nothing but cops bothering me over nonsense, job playing games with my money, and of course i ain’t been motivated to make music… Just hoping for an overall good month now.. Hopefully.. 

So i gotten a few free books (thrift store books of course) and there were good ones.. So far i started reading more about american politics.. Been a while since i left high and overall i started feeling flat out stupid! I been so too myself as of late i figure to educate myself so i can actually know what I’m really saying when it comes to politics..  Also got a book on how to do a perfect resume for your interview or job reference and networking books (promotional use) to better understand the different effective ways to promo and hopefully one day own a website (no diss to WordPress cause i love WordPress)..  Overall i felt dumb.. Now im feeling less stupid.. Plan to keep it like that and further educate myself to the point im able to finally go back to college with a more positive attitude..

This totally just came in my head once i seen this picture of how REAL MEN FOUGHT compare to REAL PUSSIES! (the ones who takes out there guns to fight instead of there fist)  every year more and more guns are being bought or sold and so far there been much more deaths due to the result of guns..  I guess everyone forgot what it mean to throw your fist up instead of guns. That and jumping a person. Like seriously YOUR A PUSSY! No if ands or butts about it.. The generation i live in is full of people who claim to fight but will do as nothing but to draw a gun or have that person jump (probably record ya ass while your getting fuck up) smh what a fuck up world we got to live in..

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One Love
Jayburn Par-kisum


Here to now. From fist to guns.. From men to pussies