by parkisum

Wassup, wasssup! Don’t really have much to say except at best three things that’s came in my head…

I got the up more respect for jason collins and I’m proud he came out the closet…  I wish for two things out of this.

1. Respect the fact that most straight people are gonna feel uncomfortable with this…  No matter what profession you do.  Shit will take time unless they simply got no problem at all overall..

2.  There’s ton of people with alot hate toward gays and the whole LGBT community.. It’s time to stop, throw religion out the window for a minute.. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEING!! Doesn’t matter the color or race or sexuality we are human beings, we talk like one, walk like one and have respect like one.. So accept it! It one thing to have a tough time understanding it.. It another to disrespect them..

Furthermore  i think it’s best to have open discussions about this..  To have a clear understanding instead of having tensions that leads to so much hate..

Tim Tebow got release from the New York Jets…. Shrug..  It  was bound to happen..  Moving on

For the last month i been on a decline musically… From writing to recording to promoting, just been nothing but a struggle trying to keep going when there’s times i just wanna quit…  At times it seems like no one cares.. At all about “how is this gonna benefit me” sigh…. It hard to promote a track on websites like facebook or twitter without someone acting a fool, disrespecting you work or saying they will listen but won’t do it.. They use excuses like “your not like the mainstream artists, gotta be more like them” or “don’t put your music on my page” when Cleary people know i do music.. Smh shit makes no sense at times.. Mainstream and highly successful underground artists ain’t get famous overnight.. They did the same shit i did.. Shit is all politics!  Overall i make music for me. If you like it or love it then support.. If not… Shrug oh well you don’t.

That’s all i got to say…  No more thoughts in my head for today other than writing and spending time with my son on his birthday..

Enjoy your tuesday..
Jayburn Par-kisum.


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