by parkisum

Wasssup! It’s me again… As always, saying alot of shit plus alot of critical thinking.. Anywho i got a few thoughts for sunday that i should get off my chest. It’s not bad and it not like im going to violate someone.. Just wanna talk lol but lemme vent now.



New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith

I just seen geno smith on the new post today as he got drafted by of all teams.. THE NEW YORK JETS! In the back of my mind and alot of people mind, rather you a jets fan or not (I’m actually a eagles fan) just breath for a minute.. Then yell. IT’S OVER FOR MARK SANCHEZ!! BYE!! TAKE A HIKE! That’s how the jets are looking at it. They know and we all know sanchez days are over… That franchise is a joke right now and they need to rebuild.  Let that david garrard dude be your quarterback for a year get rid of Sanchez.. AND TIM TEBOW! AND GET RID OF GREG MCELROY!! Like why the hell they’re still on your roster? Cut them loose and eat up there salary.. The jets are like the only franchise that can’t make up there minds..  Couldn’t make up your mind when you wanted your own stadium, couldn’t make up your mind when tebow came and couldn’t make up your mind on darrell revis until you finally trade him.. You got money to take the cap hit so let them ALL GOOOOOO!!! P.s. GET RID OF REX RYAN ALREADY!!! He suck…

So… Yeah. Have you watch how my New York Knicks been beating up the celtics? SHIT IS BEAUTIFUL!! Lmao especially how the Celtics swept us two years ago i just hope the Knicks sweep them today! Fuck games 5! SWEEP THE CELTICS!!! Here’s the broom now go to work! KNICKSTAPE! We can rest our guys.. Get Amare Stoudemire finally in tune with our plays and keep all our players healthy in this playoff run..

Tis the season to not feel.. Catch feelings later. Grind first. It works out that way when you think about it. Too many people out there believes that being in love is more important than working. HA! If your young than you don’t know shit about love and i suggest you do your homework, keep your ass in school and find a real hobby like sports or school workshops before you end up on a maury based life.. If your my age (I’m 23 years old) then you should be focus on working and mapping out your future.. Love can wait.. If your able to do both at the same time then much repsect to you. If not.. WORK!! It common sense! Too many bumasses out here preaching that lovey dubby shit but make excuses to look for a job.. Bet there no excuses when y’all have sex! Didnt think so.. If your older than me then you got no excuses.. By the time your in your thirties or forties you should be working and in love.. KEY WORD SHOULD…. Feel me?

Just wanted to know something… Maybe and hopefully if anyone is reading this can answer me this.. Why smoke cigarettes knowing the risk it presents itself to your life and do you believe one day many years from now there’s will be no cigarettes? Lemme know what you think. Your can either reply here or give me your answer on my twitter @Parkisum or my facebook: jayburn (parkisum)

That’s it for now.. I wanted to do a video but i guess that can wait for now. Enjoy your sunday cause i work i will.. Spending it with my kids plus hoping the knicks DESTROYS the Celtics..

Jayburn Par-kisum