by parkisum

Soo… Yeah. … IM BACK!!!! It’s been almost a month since i was blogging.. I feel good again blogging.. I just missed it. It help me speak my mind and let’s me express my thoughts and feelings…  I do have a lot of shit to say so here we go.. A few things i do wanna say.

Yall quick to fuck if a nigga/chick bite your neck… Have some class.. Massage the body first.. Y’all got all day or night unless
otherwise.. THEN ATTACK! (this is sparta voice)..  Like come on.. Unless your that horny that you must have sex right away then take your time.. It’s last longer.

Hookah or hookers. That shit is still money wasted for nothing….. Pass. It’s not worth the money.. You gotta be desperate to hook up with hookers and give up money just to have a quick sexual activity.. With hookah. You puffing on that crap and you basically feeling nothing. I don’t know about others that’s use it but to me that shit is worthless. You better off smoking weed and drinking.. Shrug.

I hate fake drinkers! The ones that goes overboard on a cup. SHOULDN’T BE ALLOW TO PARTY UNLESS YOU CAN HOLD YOUR OWN OR YOU DON’T DRINK! Too many of them out there that swears on there life that they drink when in real life your not serious about drinking.. Just be honest and go and drink water or juicy fruit..

Typing real shit doesn’t make you a real nigga/chick… For all i know you could be a real sucka in real life trying to portrait a person realness.. Type of shit i hate.. Just be you but i guess that doesn’t work.

Red over blue
Blue over red
Black still run this..
So throw you flag around killing your race smh. I don’t get it anymore.. Gang violences has become number one death for black people.. You would think the new generation and the old generation would be able to fix it but NO! HELL FUCKIN NO! It’s a everyday struggles between good and evil..  Fighting over block that’s doesn’t got our names. Reppin sets and gangs that’s will sooner than later be the death of you.. A never ending cycle in life that i one day hope gets better.

Real love is love that doesn’t need to updated on the internet… But go ahead and post a status on your newfound love in less than three days.. It was the great sex right.. I
figure.. Lol it never fails. You get all emotional in less than a day than BANG! Your in bed.. Sex sells bigtime.. Then it all goes bad from there after the sex. From breakups and having a baby. Take it from me.. Wrap it up!

Well i just wanted to thank everyone who’s is reading this. (my real supporters) the ones who been seeing my post from day one. Checkout other post from the many artists on here today and i will drop more of my thoughts tomorrow.

Have a great saturday.
Jayburn Par-Kisum